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Recording Services and Audio Restoration/Duplication


My project studio is centered on a MAC PRO running the latest OS. My DAW software consists of Protools, Logic Studio, PEAK and Garageband for easy projects along with an M-Audio Project mix board. Outboard sequencers such as the Yamaha QY-300 whcih as a great tool for easy song sketch creation.

Music engraving and chart preparation using Finale, Sibelius and various layout software.

The house has an upright Yamaha piano that has been used to create successful vocal demo audition performances by operatic style singers who were enrolling in college and auditioning for parts.

My recording desk houses analog and digital audio equipment including Yamaha 7.1 surround sound audio controller, Sony Minidisc/CD player, Sony DAT player, All region DVD player, vintage Akai cassette and reel to reel decks, Dual turntables, JVC mini-dv deck and Panasonic DVD burner (with RAM-disc capabilities and VHS playback and record).

Conracting other highly talented musicians to perform on your project.

Sample list of studio equipment

  • Mic preamps include a Presonus BlueTube, (2) Studio Channels mic pre's, and the mic pre's of the M-audio Project Mix
  • Guitar amping includes, Vintage Lexicon Signature 284, Digi Rack Eleven, Lexicon G2 w/floor pedal, Yamaha GEP-50.
  • Sound processing outboard gear includes Line 6 ModPro and FilterPro, Echo modeler pedal. Waves Platinum plugins plus various Protools and Apple plugins. Pedals include a vintage Ibanez PUE-5.
  • Various keyboard outboard rack boxes include Roland Vinatge keys and Proteus 1 expanded orchestral.
  • View my Guitar Gallery pages for instrument availability




Whether you are a song writer wanting to record and develop your songs or a person needing to transfer some valuable audio to the digital format, give Cardiff Music Studios a call to see if we can meet your needs.

We are able to take the song from the idea stage, write it out for copyright purposes, develope the arrangement, call on musicians, have the song recorded and ready for production. Check out some of the samples to hear the original idea of the song as it was first sung to me all the way through to final version.

Creating educational material including the printed page for publication or digital download. My musical education is useful in the designing and production of pedagogical material.

My experience with publishing is advantageous in the production of song charts that go along with the recordings the client is making.


My rates can be hourly, or project based. In order to determine how long the project will take time is taken to understand the scope of the project. By understanding the project I can determine the tasks invovled to complete the job. A written contract outlining expectations, time lines, defining what 'complete' means and the schedule of payments is generated and agreed to by the client and myself. Everything needs to be in writing to protect both parties.

Please view the Past Project Gallery page to see the list of the various recordings completed at Cardiff Studios.

We look forward to helping you complete your music project - on time - on budget - with creative zeal - and with a smile.