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Fall 2013      Music 130/Guitar 1 

Fall 2013 M130 syllabus link - click here for pdf 

Class time:  Saturday Morning starting @ 9:00am until 10:50pm in the main studio on the Oceanside campus

Office hours may start in Sept for 8.25 hours total sessions from 8:30 to 9:00 am followed by a session from 10:50 to 11:20 am

Tutoting available:  check the Tutoring Center 

M130 Catalog Description:
Overview of basic guitar techniques for both right and left hands. This course divides material between reading music for guitar and chordal playing of songs. In addition to song materials, which feature basic techniques such as alternating bass and arpeggio finger picking, students study classical scales, finger exercises, chord progressions, key transpositions, and other basic points of music theory for the guitarist.

Class text: Hal Leonard, Guitar Method, Complete Edition; by Will Schmid & Greg Koch: ISBN # 0-634-04701-9

Class Dates

Class #1: 8/24/13:  pdf link for spring syllabus…see above/top of page

In class: Introductions, wait list, set the roster

Next class:

Basic guitar information; rhythm and simple left hand exercises; Music basics 

Class #2: 8/31/13 

In class:

To do this week ( what to practice etc): 

Next class:

pdf files for download to help learn the indicated topics 

Use this hand out for intro to basic music ideas
1 • 

Use this hnadout for intro to reading tips

2 • 

Use this handout for reading hoemwork and further reading tips


Use this for learning the notes in the open position.

4 • 

5 • 

6 • 

7 •

Class #3: 9/7/13 

Intro to how the notes are created. Identifying the pages in the book to reference

Open position natural note scale

Class #4: 9/14/13 

Introduction to music terms and ideas for the student to fill in the answers in class in real time



Chord introduction


Class #59/21/13 

Use these pages to practice reading rhythm - sing the rhythm while you clap the beat.

Class #6: 9/28/13

Class #7: 10/5/13


Class #810/12/13

Class #910/19/13 

Class #1010/26/13 

Class #1111/2/13 

Class #12: 11/9/13       

Class #13: 11/16/13

Class #14: 11/23/13

Class #15: 12/7/13      

Class #16: 12/14/13 Final     

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