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Beginning Music Theory through the Guitar

Beginning Music Theory for the Guitar


This text book for guitarists is academically solid having the book of choice for classes at the community college level. Written in work book form offering the student the opportunity for active learning. Several levels or volumes packaged together with digital answers to correct yourself. Great for instructors to use with their students one on one and in class room learning alike. Understanding music theory has proven valuable for the growing guitarist of any age.

Textbook Index


  1. Introduction to Notation
  2. Basics of notes on the guitar
  3. Note relationships/Distances between the notes
  4. Major Scales and Modes
  5. The Major Scale Patterns & Intervals on string sets
  6. Chromatic Intervals—(Part 2)
  7. Chords/Triads within the keys
  8. 7th Chords in the Major Scale & spelling of the chord 7th Chords
  9. Minor Scale
  • Hard copy in a binder,  including shipping and handling $35.00
  • Digital Download $30.00
  • Addendum with answers available upon request
  • Answers are available as digital download