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Year: 2010
Artist: Dan Libertino for Tony Carter
Recording Name: Wedding songs for Tony Carter - digital download from website. CD to be produced
Producer/Label/Studio: Recorded at LibbyTunes studio. Mastered at SpragueLand
Parts Played/Song Titles: All music was arranged, recorded, and played by Dan Libertino 

Year: 2007
Artist: Cliff Olander - songwriter
Recording Name: Collection of songs not published as a CD.
Producer/Label/Studio: Recorded entirely at LibbyTunes studio using GarageBand
Parts Played/Song Titles: All music was arranged, recorded and played by Dan Libertino. Vocals by Cliff. All midi parts performed by Dan Libertino. The project was  intended to create demo versions of his songs for presentation to other artists.  

Year: 2000
Artist: Wanda Levine-Smith: songwriter
Recording Name: Away from Your Presence
Producer/Label/Studio: Recored at LibbyTunes Studio Spragueland Studios
Parts Played/Song Titles:  The songs were song to me, then translated them into larger forms, arrnaged the keys for the singers, contracted the musicians, studio time, ran the budget and acted as the producer arranger and guitar player. I was the musical liason between Wanda and her vision of the songs and making them into the recording that is now available. Please listen to the before and after samples.

Year: 2003 - 2009
Artist: Craig Devine
Recording Name: Various recordings
Producer/Label/Studio: Devine Guitar Studio
Parts Played/Song Titles: Various classical guitar students recorded solos, duets and larger group formats at LibbyTunesStudio for personal use and other non-commercial and educational applications.

Year: 2000- 2006
Artist: Various singers
Recording Name: Vocal Auditio tapes 
Producer/Label/Studio: Sarah Lopez directed the music for her students
Parts Played/Song Titles:  Sarah's voice students recorded vocal and piano arrangments live at LibbyTunes Studio. The songs were used as audition tapes for college and other professional opportunities.

Year: 1993
Artist: Cheri Keaggy/Eddie Keaggy
Recording Name: Demos for 'There is Joy in the Lord'
Producer/Label/Studio: Recorded by Eddie Keaggy
Parts Played/Song Titles:  Played acoustic guitar on the demo tracks for the first CD by Cheri. The tracks were used to present the songs to the record label. These demo tracks led to her contract with the label and the production of her first CD.

Year: 1991
Artist: Sarah Lopez
Recording Name: Lullabies for Fathers - Cd for PH.D.
Producer/Label/Studio: Recorded at Double Time Productions. Produced  by Sarah Lopez
Parts Played/Song Titles:  Played and arranged guitar parts for tracks on the CD

Year: 1992
Artist: MiraCosta Guitar Ensemble
Recording Name: Joy to the World
Producer/Label/Studio: Peter Pupping director. Dan Libertino assistant director. Recorded at MiraCosta
Parts Played/Song Titles:  Various song parts played and arrangements written for multipart ensembles

Year: 1989
Artist: Duane Clark
Recording Name: Queit Time III - An instrumental Worship Album
Producer/Label/Studio: Duane Clark producer for Clark Brothers Communications. Recorded at Mix Masters
Parts Played/Song Titles: Classical solo guitar arrangement of 'He Hideth My Soul'

Year: 1988
Artist: Connie and Rex Kennemar
Recording Name: Set My Heart  Deep In You Songs of Praise and worship, Servant hood & Mission
Producer/Label/Studio: Mark Hayes & Duane Clark for Kenn-Owen Music
Parts Played/Song Titles: Electric & Acoustic guitar on various tracks on the CD

Year: 1986
Artist: Unknown - commercial session
Recording Name: In Del Cerro - for a radio commercial
Parts Played/Song Titles: Electric guitar

Year: 4/1985
Artist: Dan Libertino - classical guitar
Recording Name: Songs for playback during hold time on telephone & answering systems
Producer/Label/Studio: La Jolla Based marketing firm
Parts Played/Song Titles:  Studio C - Creative Sound Recorders

Year: 1985
Artist: Female vocalist/Unknown name
Recording Name: Demo of song entitled 'Holy, Holy'
Producer/Label/Studio: Excell studio in Oceanside
Parts Played/Song Titles: Electric guitar

Past projects:Live Recordings, Worship Songs