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Praise and Worship Guitar

      Praise and Worship Church Music experience 

  • Leading small group worship 
  • Group development, team growth, 
  • Leading small and large group worship (from kids to adults) 
  • Recording, arranging & music chart preparation
  • Teaching guitar in classroom, in private and Workshop settings 
  • Special music - solo guitar or guitar with vocals among other settings
  • Arranging Hymns for solo guitar 
  • Concert Promotion 
  • Song writing Praise and Worship Choruses 
  • Choir songs including working with the gospel choir 'Voices of Fulfillment' for a short season. They even sang one of my songs! 

Praise and Worship Background and influences - a brief glimpse

Coming to Christian faith at Calvary Chapel North Park in 1980, I heard Praise Music at church with the simple setting of rhythm guitar and several vocalists. The music sung was the early Maranatha Music catalog that set the stage for the Praise Bands and the worship industry of today’s age.

My worship leader discipleship was under Bruce Muller who along with his wife Teresa Muller led worship at Calvary Chapel North Coast.  They are sensisitive worship leaders and skilled at team development. They used the worship team to give musicians a place to play away from and out of the world’s influences. The church became known for its lengthy worship services attracting 1200 people a Sunday. This is where I began playing worhsip music, first as a bass player then later elctric and acoustic guitar. Eventually I arranged music for choirs, played special music among other jobs in the worship team until I became the worhsip director in 1990.

Other worship leaders like Graham Kendrick, Morris Chapman, Ken Priddy, Duane and Terry Clark, Billy Batstone and The Praise Band came and shared music ay CCNC. These people served to inspire myself and the congregation in our musical expressions. I had the opportunity to play bass and guitar for Morris and Graham at various times when they would come and share music.

Eventually I  promoted Phil Keaggy in several concerts at CCNC, becoming something of a personal driver for him when he would come to SoCal during those years. My relationship with Phil was and continues to be a strong influence in my life both as a musical mentor and as a friend. He has invited me to play guitar duets on stage with him several times during those years. Eventually I became the person he trusted to write his songs books, transcribing his songs and engraving the music for such recordings as Acoustic Sketches, Lights of Madrid and Beyond Nature.

My passion for teaching led to my participation as an educator at several worship conferences in the 1990's, including a 'Day of Guitar' seminar at a Santa Barbara church in 1995.

My desire is:

  • To act as a consultant for team building
  • Help in music choices for a church as the need arises 
  • Teach the guitar in small groups and to individuals, equiping them to be better musicians and the worship leaders 
  • Sharing my orginal worship songs 
  • Playing special music 
  • Guitar concerts, seminars and educational workshops 
  • Working with a local worship team, fulfilling the needed role either

Please contact me if you think I can be of service to you and your church in any way..

God Bless…