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Session Guitar

Recording, Song Arranging & Lead Sheet and Studio Chart preparation

  • Various guitar styles available for recording projects and session dates.
    • View the guitar collection galleries to request specific instruments for a session
  • Professional arranging skills using a variety of tools from DAW, vintage sequencers and good old pencil and paper
  • Sheet Music and Chart preparation for
    • song publishing 
    • copyright submission
    • compositional development
    • Studio session charts for other musicians to read for recording parts
  • Record at my home studio or in the studio or your choice
  • Can do distance recording in which I get your part digitally, open it in Logic or ProTools - record my part and send it back.
  • The patience to work with singers and song writers on projects of all levels. No project is too small!
  • Demo production or big budget
  • Educational material preparation

Guitar background - a brief glimpse

Dan left San Diego as a ten year old kid, moving to the great gateway city sin of Hamburg, Germany. Dan turned on to the Beatles even buying the 'Let It Be' box when it was first released! The desire to play the guitar started then. Although it took a few years to begin playing, living in Hamburg allowed for the opportunity to see and hear so many of the great musical acts of our generation.  Whether it was a front row seat at a blues concert of Albert King, in front of the speaker column for the original Black Sabbath or live, un-cut TV concerts of Herbie Hancock & the Headhunters, Keith Jarret and Stevie Wonder, there was so much inspiration to digest with no stylistic limits or judgment. Heavy Metal, like Deep Purple 'Live in Japan' or 'Black abbath Vol. 4' - before it was called Heavy Metal - was just as cool as the hippest Keith Jarrett.  All of these and many more influences are in my playing style today.

Some of my Guitar heros - preclassical and flamenco:  Duane Allman, Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page.

Progressive music of the 1970's, in particular Genesis with Peter Gabriel, along with Jethro Tull, Yes, King Crimson and Focus inspired a love for complex musical structures, many of which were classically based. This music helped set the stage for the understanding and love of classical music that I have now.

Fusion Jazz led to a desire to learn the guitar beyond just a few power chords with John McLaughlin and Pat Metheny being the main influences. Having met John in June of 1979, his message to me was to 'learn all my scales and all my chords'…my mission was confirmed.

In 1981, I met the Romero family, in particular Célin Romero as a student at UCSD. I began to study the classical guitar without knowing anything about the genre or the technique involved. Through the inspiration of Célin combined with the encouragement of Pepe and Celedonio Romero, I developed my classical guitar style entirely in the 'Romero school'. To me, the Romero style is the modern version of the Tarrega school of playing the spanish guitar. Célin told me if I learn to play the guitar as they taught, especially the developing of the right hand in the way they do, I could play any thing I wanted. They were right.

Services available:

I can be hired to play any part you need, create a part from scratch, arrange music from your ideas or just strum a few chords to fill out the tune.
Contact me to see what I can do for you. I look forward to hearing from you.

My rates are competitive. I am willing to be flexible and make it work for you.