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Libertino Music Videos

In 2003, I recorded some videos for my website. This is the results of those sessions. Enjoy!

Medley of Songs for the Wedding Processional

Abbreviated excerpts only from the songs

The first song in the video is a non-tradtional Spanish Baroque dance entitled 'Pavan' being played here for the entrance of the attendants. The Pavan is then followed by the traditional processional songs, 'The Bridal Chorus' for the Brides entrance and 'The Wedding March' for the recessional of the entire wedding party.

Here Comes The Sun

One of George Harrison's classics; Dan Libertino started to play this song at weddings in the late 80's. It's popularity has caught on, and now it has become a staple song used for recessionals and other moments in the wedding ceremony. This video shows an early version of my arrangement of this song.


The Pavan, composed in the early 1600's, is part of the collection of six Pavans by Luis Milan. This song is part of the traditional Spanish Baroque guitar literature and is a courtly dance used in formal settings. In the context of a wedding, the song could be considered a non-traditional choice.

The Bridal Chorus

Composed by Richard Wagner for the opera 'Lohengrin', this song is alternatively known as 'Here comes the bride'. This arrangement is a combination of various versions of sheet music and my transcriptions from recordings of the song. This performance is played from the sheet music I comprised from these sources. If you like the arrangement, various versions of the sheet music are for sale including note for note with TAB to Lead sheet style with melody and chord symbol's only. Even though the Bridal Chorus was not written for the guitar, the brides who have hired me to play at their weddings have been reassured by this video that the song can be successfully performed on the guitar.

Trumpet Voluntary

This traditional wedding song is also known as 'The Prince of Denmark's March'. As with the other traditional wedding songs, I am playing my arrangement. This means that various sheet music sources along with transcriptions from several recorded versions were used to create the sheet music I use to play the song.

In The Light of Common Day

A classic track which sounds great as background for many events. This song was written by my friend Phil Keaggy. Even though the song was originally played on steel string guitar, the song plays well on a nylon string guitar. I had the pleasure of transcribing this song for Phil's first guitar TAB book entitled 'Acoustic Solos'. The book was published by MelBay in the mid 1990's. I have had the pleasure of playing this song, as well as others, live with Phil on stage.

The Wave

This famous Jobim Bossa Nova song is me playing what amounts to my arrangement of the real book version of this song. Hope you like it!!

The Wedding March by Felix Mendelssohn

Felix Mendelssohn wrote this song as incidental music to A Midsummer Night's Dream (Op. 61). The Wedding March is a traditional wedding song that is used almost 100 percent of the time for the recessional in the ceremony. This performance is my original arrangement adapted to the guitar in the same manner as the other traditional wedding non-guitar songs in the above videos.

Spanish Romantic Medley

This is a Spanish romantic medley played on the classical guitar.

Interrogando and Valz Tropical a Two Song South American Medley

Dan Libertino from SanDiegoWeddingGuitar.com plays an excerpt of Valz Tropical written by A. Barrios. The second song is Interregando by João Pernambuco.

Flamenco Medley

Dan Libertino of SanDiegoWeddingGuitar.com plays selections from the 'Golden Era' of Flamenco. Dan plays excerpts from Esteban Sanlucar. The first track is Panaderos Flamenco, followed by Mantia de Feria.

South American Guitar Medley

Dan Libertino of SanDiegoWeddingGuitar.com plays excerpts from 'Sounds of Bells' by João Pernambuco and 'Danza Guarani' from Paraguayan master Augustin Barrios.

Beatles Medley

Dan Libertino of sandiegoweddingguitar.com plays excerpts from the Beatles. The songs are "Something", "In My Life" and "You Never Give Me Your Money." They are played on the classical acoustic guitar with nylon strings.

Bossa Nova Brazillian Guitar

Dan Libertino of SanDiegoWeddinGuitar.com plays an excerpt from a Jobim classic, 'The Wave' and 'Gentle Rain' by Louis Bonfa.

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